Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Whenever you guys click an Amazon link on here, and buy something, I get a cut of the profits.  True to past experience, December is usually my big sales month, and this year is no exception.

This is awesome, and I thank you guys immensely.  I found out recently that I've been selected for a one-year deployment starting next summer, and despite my strong preference towards printed books, I think it'll be better to break down and pick up a Kindle Touch in the not-so-distant future and load it up with books, rather than ending up shipping a footlocker full of paperbacks around the world.  So far you guys have ordered enough stuff to cover a little over half the cost in kick-backs from Amazon.

(Don't worry Larry, I'll still be getting hard-copies of all your future books.  I've got an autographed copy of everything so far, would hate to have an incomplete collection!)


freddyboomboom said...

When you go, you should hook up with the Traveling Terabyte project.

I'm in the process of converting a bunch or ebooks I got from USENET for my Palm series of PDAs in the '90s to newer formats. Send me a mailing address to freddyboomboom via Gmail and I'll send you a DVD of them.

JD said...

Cool beans. I snagged some of those Peltors.

My wife got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, pretty happy with it so far.

Vinosaur said...

I purchased a Kindle Fire for my M.I.L. for Christmas and she is already a convert. From "I only want to read real books" to show me how to get books from Amazon. The fire is pretty cool and eventhough it isn't an iPad, the ability to play apps and movies is a plus.