Friday, December 23, 2011

More Magpul Shotgun Pics

From Magpul themselves.  Guess they gave in since they made enough of a splash and put them up on the site.  Currently they're only for 12 Ga. Remington 870s.



I'd definitely want to handle the stock before buying one, but the forend looks pretty good.


James said...

That stock looks ugly, but if they make a Mossberg version, I bet you'll be able to get to the tang safety a lot easier than you can with a typical pistol-grip stock.

Looks like there are LOP spacers between the buttpad and the stock itself, and comparing this pic to the original "leaked" pick, you can tell that there are also different cheek pieces for adjusting the comb height. Hopefully it's made out of some sort of rubber. Hard stocks give me bruises after a hundred rounds or so.

Fred said...

In their Industry Forum on ARFCOM they've stated it'll have adjustable LOP and interchangable cheek pieces to help with varying optic heights.

Supposedly what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in feel.