Monday, January 16, 2012

APEX FSS and Self Defense

I was so tempted to put "SD" up there rather than "Self Defense..."

Anyway, Robb decided to strap a shock-collar to the Drama Llama and got a discussion going about installing the fancy APEX race trigger in your carry M&P.  The trouble, as Uncle mentions, is that Robb's particular M&P40 is lacking a thumb safety (the FSS does not work with the thumb safety varients like mine.)

Tam makes an excellent point in the comments-
Generally (and especially in foreign-object-in-the-triggerguard reholstering incidents) length of travel is more likely to prevent an unplanned loud noise than weight of pull.
Personally, my M&P9, which is on my side right now, has the APEX DCAEK in it, because the stock trigger on the M&P is the guns biggest (maybe only) flaw.  It cuts down tremendously on the amount of stacking, grit, and inconsistency that comes from the factory.  As soon as they release the thumb safety version of their RAM, that will be going in my gun as well, since that's now the only complaint I have about the trigger.

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