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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

M&P22 Grumbles

After 300 flawless rounds Sunday, took it out yesterday and had failures-to-fire right out of the case.  Seems that at some point between leaving the range Sunday and going back out Tuesday, the firing pin return spring lost its sprung.

Having done the seemingly impossible, I'll be contacting S&W Warranty Services...


MandaFern said...

I let you and Cro take it to the range and all hell breaks loose. Lesson learned, I must go with every time!

Fred said...


James said...

Hopefully this doesn't become a common issue as ownership increases.

I've got probably 2-3k rounds through my Beretta NEOS, and all that's gone wrong with it is that the detent for the barrel nut fell off. Just means I have to tighten up the barrel every once in a while, but it has no effect on accuracy since the irons/rail are integral to the barrel rather than the slide.

I've been thinking pretty hard about the M&P22 since I keep my NEOS in carbine configuration almost 100% of the time.

Tam said...

I'm most worried about long-term durability.

Caleb's 300 round test didn't tell me anything. Given the mileage I put on my rimfire trainers, I more worried about 3,000 or even 30,000 rounds.

I can afford to buy a new .22 understudy every three or four years, but not every six months.

Fred said...

I'm probably a bit skewed on the matter I suppose, I have a nearly 7 year old Walther P22 who's only issue is the crap-tastic plastic sights. The slide is holding up fine, despite the tens of thousands of rounds...

Tam said...

I wish the only problems I'd seen with P22s were cracked slides, but those are just the dramatic ones. :(

Remember, if I saw a gun that had a 1-in-3 or 1-in-4 lemon rate, that's 2 or 3 happy customers for every miserable one taking it out on me. :o

Fred said...

Fair enough. Too bad Ruger had to go and Ruger up the 22/44 with magazine safeties and giant loaded chamber flags... It's getting harder and harder to find a semi-auto 22 that doesn't suck these days.

Tam said...

Apparently the mag safety issue can be fixed by replacing the lockwork with that from a Mk II, although I've never gotten around to it.

The chamber flag is goofy, but has no real affect on the operation of the thing, so I ignore it.

It's a little fruitier than a Mk II, but they seem to still be pretty bomb-proof.