Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recoil Magazine

Yesterday I picked up the premier issue of Recoil... a touch on the expensive side for a gun rag, but I figured I'd give the new publication a shot (heh,) besides, it's a larger format than your standard magazine, the photos looked really good, and I needed something to occupy me during the downtime in my shift last night.

Quick and dirty: If I took ARFCOM and turned it into a well produced print magazine, this would be it.  Airsofters will geek, and Costa/Haley leg-humpers will probably be locked away for weeks after picking it up (they're not in it, but it's got that feel.)

More in depth... the articles vary as much as the requisite insanely expensive gun reviews (Nighthawk Predator and HK556A1,) a crazy expensive custom "bug-out vehicle," and an interview with JJ Racaza.  There's a full DIY article on polymer stippling, with step-by-step photos of the author going to town on an M&P pistol, and another showing how to thread the hole in your AR lower for the rear takedown pin retaining spring so you don't launch the thing across the room when you take the rear plate off (something I probably will do on future builds.)  Also very few ads, and none of that "cont. on pg. 87" crap you find in other magazines.

There are, on the other hand, advertisements involving scantily clad women, and (at least in the first issue) a lack of articles about techniques or tactics.  It really seems like more of a "gear-whore" centric magazine.  On that note, however, there is a great breakdown of all the gear featured on the cover of the issue right in the first few pages.  I think the only things they forgot where what socks and underwear the model was wearing (seriously... that's about the only thing they didn't mention.)  The "full-size custom" pull-out target is a bit of a let-down though, it's kind of small and looks quite gimmicky.

They don't have print subscriptions set up yet, so I'm not sure what the savings will be for that route (and I hope it's worth it, otherwise they'll need to drop the cover price down from the current $8.99 to keep me interested long-term) but it's probably worth looking at if your into that kind of stuff, and there is a lot of content crammed into one issue.


JD said...

Mind giving me the highlights on the 17S article?

Fred said...

I still have to read that one myself, but I'll let you know what's up when I do.

I also have a friend with a tan one that I need to borrow and get plenty of photos and some range time with too...

Fred said...

Having read a couple reviews of it, not a whole lot of "new" stuff on the 17S, but they do a great write-up. At one point they mention nearly all the controls are ambi, except the bolt release, and I'm thinking "looks like a BAD lever might work..." and the next sentance is "Out of curiosity, we tried to see if the Magpul Battery Assist Device (BAD) for ARs would fit the SCAR 17S, but it didn't, unfortunately."

I was all like "Get out of my head!!"

The photography is great too. The few ads and large format really give them space to put plenty of gun porn in there.

James said...

Regarding the threading of the takedown pin detent, I have a Seekins lower that is that way in factory condition for both the takedown pin detent as well as the selector lever detent.

If you've ever changed grips, you know what a pain the selector lever detent can be. Threading the holes and filling them with tiny allen-head set screws is something EVERY lower needs... It just works really well.

Fred said...

Agreed, especially on the M&P15-22. The takedown retainer spring is also held in by the grip, and there's slight compatibility issues with some.