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Saturday, January 28, 2012

That'll Add Some Realism...

Apparently they used live ammo for many of the scenes in "Act of Valor."

Cool beans. From the previous trailers, I'd just thought since they had SEALs in the film and plenty of Technical Advisors that actually know their shit, they just kept the CGI at a more realistic level.

(h/t ENDO)

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Anonymous said...

I got to see and early release for this a week or two ago. I will go see it again once it comes out at the end of Feb, and I will buy it as well. Also, a little tid bit they shared during the opening info is that those are real seals and their families. They wanted to work in subs in the movie, so they gave them coordinates out in the ocean....be here at this time (4 hr window. This sub comes out of the water, they run their little rubber boats up on there got in the sub and submerged. Awesome movie.