Sunday, April 15, 2012

BAG Day!!

Manda got hers on (mine's "in transit" so to speak...)

No need to adjust your dials.
She decided the gorgeous little CZ-452 American needed to be saved from the used rack, especially since it accommodates her "disability" (love you dear ; ) )

The wood is beautiful.

Just needs some glass, a sling, and some more (and bigger) mags.

I did get a new range bag today at least.  Mine was getting too small.


James said...

Almost bought a used Springfield 1911 loaded, polish stainless and smooth wood grips. Beautiful gun but they were asking MSRP for a used gun... no thanks. :(

Texas Sean said...

No BAG day purchase for us, alas. Beautiful wood, admirable, sure. Higher cap mags? Oh, yes!

RomeoTangoBravo said...

I love my CZ 452! Don't let him give you a hard time; mine is left handed too.

MandaFern said...

It's not a disability; it's a privilege.

Ripcode said...

Does buying a new upper count?