Sunday, May 6, 2012

If it ain't rainin'...

Been a long drill weekend.


Bill said...

I know how you feel, been on for 4 weeks straight.

James said...

The weather always strives to maximize it's potential when you're in uniform.

The last time I did a field trip to Ft. Riley, the first day went something like this.

Arrive at main gate at 10AM. It's sunny and temp is 85 degrees with relatively mild humidity. Queue instant downpour.

Five minutes later, we're offloading gear. It stops raining and the sun comes out. Humidity is instantly 100% and heat index is 105.

Few hours later, we're still setting up. Real temperature is 105, with no heat index because 105 tends to burn off humidity on the quick. The dryness actually feels a lot better compared to the suffocating humidity following the downpour earlier.

Few hours later, wind picks up and temperature plummets. It's 75 degrees in no time and a strong storm moves in. I take shelter under the porch on a nearby building and watch the storm positively wreck the tent we just setup, and knock down a medium-sized tree. I get soaked despite being relatively sheltered.

Fast forward to the next day, and we can't qualify at the popup range because aforementioned strong storm has knocked out power to half the base.

And the Army, goes rolling, alooooong. :D