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Monday, June 18, 2012

Elsie Pea Club

I joined it.  This thing makes the P64 seem absolutely huge and clunky.  Very much the "21st Century Vest Pocket Pistol."

It's been on "the (long) list" for a while, with the stipulation of "only if it's a deal..."  Well, when scoping out the new shop in town I noticed one in the case for a good chunk off retail, despite being brand new.  Turns out it's the classic "I won it at a raffle, and don't like it" trade, just plain too small for the guy's hands.  (ETA :p ) We had left the store, and about halfway to the car Manda looks at me and simply says "go back and buy it, otherwise you won't shut up about it all weekend."  So I did.

Picked up some cheap Russian ball to wring through it, and a box of Hornady Critical Defense.  Also had an Amazon package waiting at the door when I got home containing a Desantis Nemesis Holster for it (I love Amazon Prime.)  Should get out in a couple days to try it out.


MandaFern said...

Don't forget the best part.

Fred said...

Better, Dorkette?

James said...

The critical defense ammo is good stuff and expands well, but expansion may not be the best thing for .380. IIRC, the critical defense only penetrates about 8" in ballistics gel, and ballistics gel doesn't have bones in it.

Just food for thought, I still have critical defense in my P64 despite being aware of the poor penetration issues.

RobertM said...

Sweet! I really want to get one, but I think I need some kind of .22 pistol next.

Anonymous said...

LCP (Little Copied Pistol)