Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gimme Blog Fodder

As the handful of regular readers here know, I'm currently down in Texas/New Mexico doing Mobilization training for the Army, and will soon be heading into Afghanistan.  I've started another blog, Dirt Pusher's Journal, to document stuff as it goes on, and to help me try and keep a better form of a journal this time around.

Problem is, I don't know what kind of stuff people want to hear about.  So, if you can give me some ideas in the comments, and pass the word around, that'd be awesome.  It's often a lot easier for me to write stuff if somebody plants an idea in my head.  I'll do what I can, keeping with OPSEC and the standard rules and regs, but feel free to put whatever you want down there.


Six said...

Just day to day stuff Fred. It might seem minor but I'm interested in the mundane things that are filling your days.

Be safe and get home soon.

CR Cobb said...

I concure with Six, but with one addition - guns you come across. Pakistan had - it may still have - a thriving cottage gun industry. Years ago saw footage of a gunsmith making a new Mauser broomhandle.