Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A-Stan Coffee Reviews!

So when we moved into the TOC here, we inherited a Keurig coffee robot (I still refer to it as a robot... I don't trust the damn thing, and I'm positive they never programmed The Three Rules into it) and a giant pile of K-Cups.  So, I figure it'll make for a good start for more coffee content from another continent (heh.)

Today my partner in crime, er S2/S3, SSG "Moose," who's actually a fan of the Coffee Robot(tm) decided to bust into the Pumpkin Spice from Green Mountain Coffee.  This is a seasonal flavored coffee, and no doubt left over from last fall.  The... roaster... describes it as "A delicious coffee enhanced by the creamy pumpkin spice flavors of autumn." Supposedly it's a light roast, and of unknown origin.

The coffee is indeed light, to the point that you can almost see the bottom of the cup.  I described it as "incredibly weak, with a dis-congruent aroma-to-flavor ratio, smelling quite reminiscent of a rich Spiced Chai Latte, and with the taste of a wet dishrag used to clean out a pumpkin pie pan, with only a hint of coffee.  It's only saving grace is a clean finish with only a minimal chemical preservative taste."

SSG Moose described it as "hot wet garbage."

We'll give this one a rating of a single goat (out of a herd of 10 or so.)


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

We have one of those Keurig abominations at the rescue squad I run with. The only reason I've tried it is because the coffee is free.

So far, the best K-cups I've found are, surprisingly, Folger's "Black Silk". It actually beats the Starbuck's from a Bunn drip machine we have at work. OTOH, the Bunn still comes out far, far ahead when I manage to get the drip-ground espresso blend from the local coffee house with the in-store roaster.

They make a little "use your own coffee" K-cup adapter for the Keurig abominations, but in a side-by-side comparison with the Bunn at work it just doesn't stand up.

Mulliga said...

My office uses the "Dark Magic Extra Bold" K-cups just to bring the coffee strength up to something respectable. The flavor's okay, I guess, but I still prefer an old-fashioned French press.

Fred said...

I can imagine the darker the better with that thing.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

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