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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Magpul Goodies

Magpul tossed out a bunch of new stuff for shot, there's three things that caught my eye.  One is a product I really like, and the other two are(ok, that one's part of a set, but it's the half that I want) ones that show that Magpul does listen to customer wants.

ETA: Can anybody identify the handguard/lower rail on that gun?  I could use something just like that on one of my AKs...


Mike said...

Looks like a Midwest Industries. I have one on my AK. Really easy to install and quality stuff.

Fred said...

I was thinking that, but it also has an Ultimak gas-tube/rail combo, which I've got on mine. The only MI ones I've seen were top and bottom. Would be sweet though, MI is a Wisconsin company.