Monday, January 21, 2013

"I almost want a pitbull."

Part of this morning's email exchange with Manda...

"And no pitbull."

"I said almost. :-p It's my want of things assholes think I shouldn't have, just because said assholes think they look scary. Then it could ride in my '69 Roadrunner that gets crap-miles-per-gallon while I wave my sawed off shotgun out the window."

"Don't forget the grenade launchers welded to the roof."

"No, that would ruin the body lines."

See, I even have limits.


Anonymous said...

Ya need to have a pet cougar in that backseat. And don't forget the Crystal Gayle t-shirt.

Robert said...

One word: plastics. And fairings. No one would tailgate you more than once. And with all the potholes on 51/26/401/wherevertheheckyouare, no one would notice the resulting craters. Dammit, now I want one.