Sunday, February 24, 2013

FN Wins M4/M4A1 Contract

Gear Scout reports.  I'm sure Colt will continue to cry about it.

Seems kind of funny though, last I heard Colt still had the contract for the M240 family of weapons, which is an FN design; and now FN will make the M4, along with continuing to produce the M16 series, a weapon system Colt had a huge part in.

On a side note, the best rifle (in my mind) that I was ever issued had an FN built A2 upper and barrel on a rebuilt Colt A1A2 lower.  Cloverleafed zero targets every time... Never felt undergunned my first tour with that old girl.


James said...

Good! I also liked my FN M16A2.

Jester said...

Coming from the Armorer/Direct Support repair stand point the FN weapons were head and shoulders above the Colt gear

Murphy's Law said...

Back in my younger days, when I was issued my first rifle by the police department that I worked for, it was an M-16 made by Hydramatic.
It was a hand-me-down from federal service, ugly and worn, but it was tight and it shot straight and true. They came and took it away when I got hurt and it didn't look like I'd ever make it back to duty again and I still miss it.

Fred said...

Oddly enough, the fully FN built A4 I got when I came home to my usual unit felt like one of the worst rifles I've ever used. In their defense, it was one of the first gen A4 riles they were building, but about 3/4s of the gas rings on the bolts were so out of spec the rifles weren't cycling.

Cool boy said...
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