Saturday, April 6, 2013

Android Brick

Woke up and my Motorola Electrify is stuck in a "boot loop" and I'm on the wrong side of the world for customer service.  Sucky,  because it's my alarm clock and "mini-tablet."  Sucked it up and tried a factory reset, and no luck.

Any suggestions?

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Ruth said...

My husband's Droid 3 got stuck in a reboot cycle, went through 3 replacement phones (each one failing in a matter of days) before someone in techsupport actually paid attention.

Turns out that a faulty or corrupted SIM card will cause that exact problem. He removed the SIM card and presto, his phone worked. Now in HIS phone, the SIM card is required only if you're going to be outside of the US, donno anything about the Electrify, but....removing the SIM card might be worth trying.