Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Light (but possibly interesting) Blogging Warning

Today I started the Wisconsin Basic Law Enforcement Academy, which is a 40 hour a week/13 week long course at the local tech school.  Long, tiring days, but lots of info and hopefully shifting jobs at work (for much higher pay and more sponsored training opportunities.)

So yeah, light talk here, and I'm gonna be a cop in a few months if everything goes right.


Six said...

Good for you and congratulations. It's a great job, unique in America for job satisfaction and opportunities to impact others lives positively. I miss the work if not the administration which can be immensely frustrating. Have fun at the Academy and I wish you great fortune and success in your professional career. Welcome to The Job! It always gratifies and thrills me to see such worthy and capable folks don the badge.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck...be safe.

Don F