Friday, January 3, 2014

You want cold?

We've got cold!
* Wind Chill Values... 20 To 35 Below Zero Saturday Night AndSunday. 40 To 55 Below Zero Sunday Night Through TuesdayMorning.
* Other Impacts... Exposed Skin Could Freeze Within 5 To 10 Minutes.
And the Packers can't figure out why they're having trouble selling tickets to this weekend's playoff game... (which means a potential television 'black-out' in most of Wisconsin.  That'll make for some angry drunks Sunday.)

Currently the temp is at a balmy -1°F, although it's breezy out there and feels like -16°.  Conversely, less than a week ago we topped out at a positive 40°F.  Go home Wisconsin, you're drunk (not that it's a surprise to anybody.)

I guess when you skip a winter, it decides to make it up to you!

ETA: We've got the lowest number... what do we win?


Jester said...

It's bitter here in my transplant home of the Twin Cities, though I wager Green Bay's problems are not unique based off two other locations, one of them a dome no less having difficulty selling out. I suspect people don't want to pay the tune of several hundred dollars to attend a game, often up in the stratosphere seats. It adds up when you go to beers, food, parking, fuel for transportation, time off work, being stuck in traffic, dealing with jerks and getting molested when you enter the gates. If tickets were half the cost they were they would sell out instantly.

Fred said...

They've managed to sell out I guess. Sounds like a bunch of area businesses chipped in and bought them out so it wouldn't be blacked out.

Could have gotten free tickets myself, but I have to work and I like my finger, toes, and nose way too much.

Jester said...

As big of a fan as I am, and even giving a nod to staying warm with our good old Common/Army sense with free tickets, often times the tickets are not even half of the price you have to pay. Football sense tells me that if this goes down as a loss there will be a house cleaning. If they win the Super Bowl, nothing changes other than draft positions. However if there is a game to favor the GB mindset it's this one.