Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ruger "Budget" Nine

New Ruger 9E

Like the Trigger Jerk says, almost an upgraded version of the SR9 (no gaudy loaded chamber indicator or adjustable sights, etc) for a good chunk of change less ($100 less to be precise.)  The frame looks just about identical, and it would make sense to use the same magazines.  Mostly just some changes to the slide machining process to save some time and money.  Smart move on Ruger's part I think, should make for a great entry wonder-nine.


James said...

Buddy of mine has the SR9c, and it's a surprisingly good gun after two trips to Ruger to get fixed for FTE issues right out of the box.

Good trigger, shoots to POA for me (low for him but he's a flincher) and seems very reliable now.

If not for the fact that Ruger only sells California specials with the manual safety, magazine disconnect, and LCI, I'd have a hard time justifying the extra money for Glock or S&W, especially given my experience with recent production from both brands - FTF on my M&P9c (sold) and FTE on my G34 Gen 4 (fixed with Apex extractor.)

Texas Sean said...

I carry the SR9C daily and have had zero problems with a +7K round count. Sometimes I look at all the accessories for the M&P, Glocks, SIGs and I think maybe I'll try one of those but then I get real and remember how good this Ruger is!

I will definitely be getting a 9E.

Fred said...

On the upsides, the new one deletes the LCI, and from all reports the mag disconnect is easily removed by the user.

Texas Sean said...

Mag disconnects were the first to go on our SR9Cs and will be the same on the 9E. Now I have to get another holster and White Dog is no more, looks like Alien Gear for me.