Sunday, July 20, 2014

Camo Circus

This should be fun to watch...
The U.S. Army;has altered its government-owned Scorpion camouflage pattern to look almost identical to MultiCam, the trademarked pattern the service has been using in Afghanistan since 2010.
On one hand, it follows my thought of keeping the gear and uniforms that are already in the system; however we'll see if Crye thinks it's a little too close to Multicam.


Jester said...

First off they should have gone to that pattern instead of the ACU pattern to begin with. It was in testing and available then. Secondly, yes they should just use Multi Cam straight out. Perhaps the reason is that they can't get a reasonable price from the company but I think they could come up with something. Either way now they are likely to get hit with either patent infringement costs or have to buy it anyway at whatever price is set now with out any bulk deals.

Fred said...

Agreed. There was a reason all the 'cool guys' were wearing Multicam and not some version of some digital nonsense even back in '04.