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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Smith

Just going to drop this here...

Too bad it is in an obscure, hard to find caliber.

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Steveweiser said...

Since .22 is mostly used for plinking, why not just use the full size? Plus the full size carries 12 rounds vs 10.

Fred said...

If .22lr is ever cheap and available again, it's nice to have one that will fit in your holsters that your 9mm/40S&W gun fits in, especially if you have a range you can shoot from concealment at (one of the reasons we've got a full size M&P22 in our safe.)

Fred said...

Huh... I just sorta assumed it was a copy of the M&P9/40c... not a 15% reduced M&P. That is rather 'meh' now that I see that.