Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cold Weather Gun?

I've been contemplating what kind of rifle I could leave in the truck this time of year.  Today is insanely mild (if it gets any warmer, stuff might actually melt!) but just a week ago I was doing a felony stop in -30ºF windchill.  With that in mind, I've tossed together some parts I had around the house, and ordered a new stock to throw on it.

BCM middy upper I won in a raffle a few years ago, fixed rear sight off the M&P15-22, and some Magpul grips, and their Fixed Carbine Stock, which has the same length of pull as what I set collapsible ones anyway.  No electronics to die in the deep-freeze.

The plan is to keep an eye on the weather, and swing over to the range one of these days when it's freakin' cold out again, with the gun in the back so it stays nice and cold.  I'm just debating what lube to use (the last time I was shooting ARs in -20º or lower temps, it was noticeably sluggish with CLP.)


Unknown said...

I've been thinking about the same thing. I first considered a shotgun but dropped that thought after considering the benefits of a rifle. I thought that maybe a simple Marlin/Winchester 30-30 would do the trick... simple and robust but then considered the routine cooling and warming it would go through and realized that corrosion may be an issue. I then decided the best way to go would be some sort of AR or AK. From what I've been thinking is a setup nearly identical to yours. I think you're on the right path. Nice looking rifle by the way!

Steveweiser said...

George Hill ( swears by Slip Stream. Haven't tried it personally. I usually use Ballistol, but down here in Georgia it doesn't get that cold.

Fred said...

I really wanted to do a shotgun, but the transport rules in Wisconsin make a magazine fed gun the better option (rifle/shotgun needs to be unloaded when in a vehicle, pistol can be loaded if "in plain view" or if you have a CCW Permit.) Could go Saiga, but I'd have to spend way too much money to be happy with it.