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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Woke up, the car wouldn't start (put a brand new battery in it last year when it did this, and now that it's cold again, same problem. Grr.) so, angrily, I bundled up and took the single speed to the coffee shop.

Two years ago, I pretty much road the thing nearly all winter, even through some nasty snow storms.  I don't remember it being all that bad, just made sure to put on the long underwear and a good hat.

As I was coming home, I could only come down to two conclusions.  Either Global Warming is indeed a load of crap, or I'm simply becoming less tolerant to sub-arctic temperatures.  Even with my shemagh wrapped around my face and my heavy deerskin mittens, I couldn't wait to get back inside. The bridge of my nose seems to always take it the worst, and hasn't yet recovered.

I'm leaning towards the first.


Mr. Casey said...

Perhaps you need a block heater out your way?

Fred said...

Contemplating a battery blanket. It kicks over just fine once you jump it.

Mr. Casey said...

Jumping is such a PITA!

Fred said...

Especially when the hood release cable is frozen... :/ type of face.