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Sunday, December 19, 2010

M&P22 Photo

Buds Gun Shop has a picture.

Word is they're being manufactured by Walther, and will be in 10 or 12 shot flavors.

I'm hoping it fits in standard M&P9/40 holsters.

First mentioned rumors here.


Tam said...

"Word is they're being manufactured by Walther..."

Translation: Another zamak wonder from Umarex. :(

Fred said...

Unlike most (apparently) my little P22 is holding up great. I just don't clean it enough.

aczarnowski said...

Another zamak wonder from Umarex.

First thing that popped into my head too. If true, I concur. :(

The Zombie Hunter said...

only 10 or 12 rounds? I was hoping for much more. I wonder how the .22LR does "out there"?

I am sure they'd be a pleasure to shoot.

Fred said...

Rimmed cartridges stack poorly, so you tend to run out of space in a pistol when you hit 10 or so in a single stack.

I haven't seen how Kel-tec set up the PMR-30 though, they seem to have figured something out. Maybe there'll be higher cap mags out there eventually.