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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ammo Reviews?

If I were to do some, what would you guys like to know?  Let's get the comments rollin!


JD said...

Accuracy from a rest, best 3 of 5 in a group
Does it burn clean/leave lots of residue?
Felt recol, hot, mild, low recoil etc.

QC: consistent ignition, case deformities etc.
Does it feed well?
Projectile expansion etc.

Fred said...

Fair enough, the basics are always a great start.

If anybody's feeling generous, I did just add a cheap chrono to my Amazon Wish List over on the left... ;)

JD said...

Nice wishlist.

If you Still want a S&W HRT Boot knife, find me on face book, I commented there about this ammo post too. I have one you can have. Just send me your address.

JB Miller said...

Price, failure rate if any, documented features, bench group sized.

James said...

Rifle rounds or handgun rounds?

If you want to do something original, I'd like to see someone get a quality decibel meter and test various muzzle devices. Just a thought :)

Fred said...

JD- the boot knife is on there for nostalgic reasons, I had one overseas, and it long since disappeared. I may take you up on that offer.

James- Umm... Yes. Shotgun too maybe. Decibels would be fun to see, can't imagine those are cheap devices though...

Six said...

I keep getting asked about the cheap 7.62x39 and .223 ammo. Mostly Wolf, Bear, Prvi Partisan, S&B and the like. While I've shot S&B and Wolf there's a lot of inexpensive shooty and training ammo out there with potential for the range bag. I'll even help with either a donation or a review.

Fred said...

I have run a crap-load of Wolf .223 through my ARs, and have little to complain about there. Perfectly fine practice ammo.

Fred said...

JD- sent you a message over facebook.