Monday, February 20, 2012

Extended M&P Mag Release

"The Costa Catalyst" from 21st Century Gunfighter.

I really haven't had an issue with the stock one, but this could be a great upgrade for smaller hands.


James said...

I feel like I'd accidentally eject my mag all the time. I carry my M&P pretty snug to my body.

Anonymous said...

Try the technique Kay Clark Miculek teaches women at Babes with Bullets Camp, eject the mag with your left thumb. No need to roll the gun at all, keep the muzzle on target. No need for extended anything. I have little hands and found I was 2 to 4/10 of second faster from shot to shot on a reload doing it her way. That's something I learned from both getting to shoot alongside both Kay and hubby Jerry, question everything about your shooting technique. Nothing is sacred.