Friday, January 4, 2013

3,000fps Rimfire

That's not a typo.  I love the ramp-up to SHOT, all sorts of new and ridicules things coming out.  Winchester has announced their new rimfire round, the .17WSM (Winchester Super Magnum), an extended case that pushes a 20 or 25 grain projectile at a stupid-fast speed of 3,000 or 2,600fps respecively.  That means the 20gr. bullet actually has more muzzle energy than a 115gr 9x19mm...

If the price is right, I think it could be a very interested longer range plinker.  The claim is that it'll withstand wind drift better than other rimfire magnums, so it could be fun to stretch its legs out and see what kind of groups it'd do at 200+ yards (I've done some fun stuff in the past with a friend's .17HMR at 100.)

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