Friday, January 4, 2013

BCM Gunfighter Ambi CH

I've mentioned the excelent BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle in the past, and I'm a fan.  Over on WEVO they've announced the newes part of the Gunfighter line, the Mod.A44 (Ambidextrious).  Cool stuff.

Retail looks to be a little higher than the standard version, understanable with the extra machining and parts that go into it.


James said...

Just as a heads up, you can get the Rainier/AXTS Raptor for about $3 more through Rainer with a mil discount. I strongly prefer the Raptor to my BCM's for the simple fact that it doesn't randomly pinch my fingers and I don't have to wear gloves around it.

Fred said...

How stiff does it feel compaired to a GI charging handle?

James said...

Not at all. Since the latch is the part you grasp (whereas the latch on the BCM is just part of the handle) it's a very natural-feeling design. I'd trade my two BCM's and one GI in for Raptors if they weren't $70.