Sunday, August 3, 2014


Not saying names, but we found out how 9x19 Tulammo holds up through a .40s&w Sig today. Gun was not effective, but it made for a good malfunction drill!


Old NFO said...

OH... NOT good!

Fred said...

We tore down the gun immediately when we realized what happened. Checked the bore and chamber, no visible issues. Point of aim was not effected.

Gun was a P226 Night Ops (or whatever the one with the adjustable night sights and extra checkering.) It's almost surprising what kind of abuse a quality gun is capable of.

TacSKS said...

I may know a certain someone who fired 380 acp from a Beretta 92 9mm. Cases bulged, but it hit to POA. Didn't eject as slide didn't fully cycle. OOPs, but thankful for quality guns that can handle moron moments.