Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sadie Update

She managed to pick up a good case of the sniffles at the shelter, and gets grumpy when you try to comb the boogers out of her tail.  We saw the vet this afternoon and got some kitty cold meds, hopefully that helps.

Otherwise, like I've found throughout most of my life, windows make all the difference.

"Please ignore the drippy nose, it's very unbecoming of a Lady."


Jester said...

Well at least she's apparently bright eyed for the windows, so that's something. Makes it difficult to integrate everyone though I imagine.

Fred said...

She's still quarantined, but so far in the limited face-to-face time nobody's gotten into fights. Just hissing in Simon's face when he stuck his cold nose up her butt. Fingers crossed she can start exploring the rest of the house in earnest next week.