Monday, November 3, 2014

Shield = Sad Face

Also during last Friday's range trip, I finally got a chance to shoot a S&W Shield.  I was very excited when it came out, and thought it might be a great carry gun for me... but sadly it has the same issue as Sigs do for me.  The slide stop is directly where my thumb rests, and the slide locked back on empty exactly zero times.  It could be argued that since I have to carry a Sig at work, that I should train more to get over it, but I don't think that's the best answer.

I guess back to my original thought of just getting an M&P9c, or possibly track down an LC9s to fondle.


James said...

I've daily carried an LC9 since just after they came out, and I've dumped a good chunk of money into making the trigger tolerable (biggest thing is an overtravel stop.)

I felt up and dry fired the LC9s at the gun show on Friday and the trigger is depressingly good for a small gun like that. I've spent as much as the LC9 cost itself on trigger work, Cerakote, and Novak night sights and they go and do THAT? Well, at least they listen to their customers, I guess... Maybe my Novaks will swap over to the 9s.

NotClauswitz said...

Too bad, I was hoping to like it just based on handling - my Sig P245 is kinda fat, but the Ruger felt so tiny and un-grippable in my mits.

Fred said...

James, it looks like the sights are the same from everything I've seen.

I find my LCP has a very comfortable grip, despite being so tiny. Especially with the finger rest floor plates on the mags. It gives me hope for the 9s, especially since they got rid of the stupid flag on the top of the slide (that's what kills the regular LC9 for me.)

James said...

I forgot to mention my LC9 has the loaded chamber indicator delete, and I've removed the magazine disconnect and manual safety. If the LCP doesn't need them, the LC9 sure doesn't. Ruger seems very fond of only releasing guns that are compliant in states with gun nanny laws. I'm sure someday, somewhere, a state will pass a law that requires all loaded guns emit a low, irritating beep and that Ruger will promptly equip all of their guns with this feature.

DocB said...

I love my M&P9c, but its a bit bulky and heavy of a gun. For a fat boy like me its not too much of an issue, but you're going to be sweating it out in the summer in order to make sure its concealed well. That being said, I can spend all day on the range with it and my hand feels fine.