Friday, February 27, 2015


A few of us hit up the range yesterday, which was fine for the first couple hours, but then my toes got cold. It was around 9°, not counting windchill...

The "Cold-weather Carbine" rode in the bed of the truck on the way there, just to keep it nice and chilly.  The only issue encountered was with the first Lancer translucent mag.  I've got a couple of their first generation ones, so bearing that in mind, with only 20 rounds in the 30 round mag, I racked the charging handle, the mag didn't fall out, but it didn't chamber a round.  It had failed to seat on a closed bolt.  I guess they're still more of a novelty to me than as a combat ready magazine, until I get my hands on some of the newest ones.

My other Lancer mag worked fine, however I didn't try seating it on a closed bolt.  My PMags worked fine.

And I think I can finally feel my toes again.

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