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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's been nagging me as well.

Is this really a victory?  Because it really strikes me as a bit of a waste of resources, let alone the borderline entrapment.  Did we at least gain some intel on his contacts or anything?  Did he even have any contacts other then FBI agents playing make-believe?


Kanani said...

Agreed. Don't know the circumstances yet. But I have to say --give a 19 year old with not a lot of familial involvement who seems to be on the fringes, a lot of support, encouragement, and most definitely the tools to do things and they will. You and the others are probably correct.

James said...

I'm with most of the commenters on that article - I don't feel sorry for that kid in the least. If someone showed up to my door offering to sell me a bomb, I'd probably hold them at gunpoint until the cops got there.

Also, I'm sure if we got intel from this that they wouldn't release the intel, because it's intel. It's not really intel when everyone knows about it.

Fred said...

I still can't help but wonder how far he would have really gotten on his own though. It's just a bit far fetched for the FBI to claim this as a massive victory in my eyes.

McVee said...

I need to read the article but my question is: What was it that first made him a person of interest to the Fed's?

Fred said...

He had darker skin and two Mohammads in his name?

Seriously though, that is a good question. I haven't followed the story fully though, just bits I've heard here and there.

McVee said...

Right, twice the Mohammads is twice as bad. Yea, I can see the logic in that.