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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To look cool...


Caleb hits on a couple subjects I've been to overworked to talk about, numbering mags, and the importance of "pressing out" when you engage with your handgun.

I've been numbering my mags ever since I had more than 2 of any kind for my primary mag-fed systems (ARs and handguns.)  Somebody asked me a while back why, and I simply said "because when one craps out I want to know which one it is.  Crapload cheaper than replacing them all..."  Watching the light come on in his head was great.

The press-out (moving from a high-compact hold, pressing the pistol straight out at your target) is also a key concept in fast shooting.  It clicked for me when I was watching The Art of the Dynamic Handgun and Travis was explaining it.  It's all about conservation of movement, something the Magpul guys are all about.  Smooth is fast.  Caleb's post makes a lot more sense than my caffeine deprived mind can convey at the moment, and he's got a link to some videos too.  Well worth your time.

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