Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slow day...

So I've been tossing around starting this thing for a while, and the insanely slow day at work has gotten me off my butt to do it.(ok, I'm actually sitting, but it's metaphorical) I figure I like guns and coffee... a lot... and I've got the Internet, so what the hell, why not?

Here's some stuff about me, just in case you're wondering, I'm a pretty regular recreational shooter, I try to shoot at least every other week, and more if I can. I'm in college, and got my schedule worked out for the semester so I'll be able to get out once a week if things go well. I lean towards the practical and target side of things, I'm an Afghanistan veteran (Engineers HOOAH!), so I've had some real world experience with it too.(not tons of it, but more than some) I also blame the Army for my massive addiction to coffee, and the never ending search for the good stuff.(i.e. not Starbucks)

I work in the summer running the climbing program at a Boy Scout camp, and I have a natural rock face, not plastic and wood like most, and get to spend a good amount of time at that job working down at the rifle range as well teaching scouts how to shoot. All that coupled with living in a National Forrest for a couple months equals a pretty sweet job. Plus we run the NRA 4 Position Sport Shooting qualification series, so I got the chance to blow everyone away and get through all nine bars of Sharpshooter and earn my Expert rating in under 7 weeks.

I think something that will help me keep up on this thing is if I lay out some goals and missions and whatnot for this blog... let's see...

-Show off my toys; by this I mean share with people what I'm shooting, how I've got it set up, how it works, and if I think it's any good.

-Ramble about my feelings of the local coffee scene; I spend a lot of my free time and study time at local coffee shops. Might be interesting to say what I'm drinking on any given day.

-Stay away from politics (mostly); there's already plenty of that around, and I honestly don't care for really going in depth about it, especially on the Internet. The only exception is CCW in Wisconsin. I think we should have it, and I'm personally offended by Doyle's response to it.

-Talk about gun stuff I'm exited about; like the PK380 post below.

There's a start I guess. I'm sure I'll think of more stuff, and I know more random crap will pop up in the future.

I guess that's it for now... if you've got any questions for me just toss 'em in the comments.

Me and my GSG-5 before the ice age started.

Walther's new PK380

I love the time around Shot Show, so many new toys to drool over.

Walther has proven to be spying on my dreams, and announced their new pistol built on the P22 platform, the PK380. I love my little P22, and put a few hundred, if not thousands, of rounds through it every month. Mine's still running just fine as long as I clean it.

The PK380 is basically a scaled up version, with a few updates to the grip shape, chambered in .380acp. It's dimensions are almost identical to the P22 (it's .2 inches longer and a hair taller and wider) and the controls are identical.

There's a few other .380's out there that are smaller in size, but I like the fact that it shares so much with my little plinker, and at an MSRP of $363, I guess I'll be picking one up when they hit the shelves in hopes of Mr. Doyle pulling his head out of his... well you know.