Monday, May 30, 2011

"It's Not About You."

Jay G nailed down something I've mentioned to a few people today over the years with a quote...
The title of this post was something said... last year's Memorial Day parade by a retired Major. He addressed the group of veterans gathered to march in the Memorial Day and reminded them that if they were here today, it was not about them. It was about those that can no longer march in parades; those who will never again taste the freedom they fought so valiantly to preserve.
I try to remind everybody who offers me, as a veteran, thanks today.  Today isn't about me, or the other veterans around.  We've got a day in November all to ourselves.  Today is about the veterans you can't thank, those that are long gone, but not forgotten.

Never Forget

By all means, have fun if you have today off, hang out with friends and family; just remember what today is about.