Friday, January 3, 2014

You want cold?

We've got cold!
* Wind Chill Values... 20 To 35 Below Zero Saturday Night AndSunday. 40 To 55 Below Zero Sunday Night Through TuesdayMorning.
* Other Impacts... Exposed Skin Could Freeze Within 5 To 10 Minutes.
And the Packers can't figure out why they're having trouble selling tickets to this weekend's playoff game... (which means a potential television 'black-out' in most of Wisconsin.  That'll make for some angry drunks Sunday.)

Currently the temp is at a balmy -1°F, although it's breezy out there and feels like -16°.  Conversely, less than a week ago we topped out at a positive 40°F.  Go home Wisconsin, you're drunk (not that it's a surprise to anybody.)

I guess when you skip a winter, it decides to make it up to you!

ETA: We've got the lowest number... what do we win?