Monday, April 4, 2011

Ruger LC9...

Anybody have any experience with them yet? And more importantly, know how hard it is to deactivate the stupid magazine safety?

Exercises in Frustration

The range trip today was one.

Contrary to popular opinion, my example of the Ruger 10/22 is far from a reliable gun.  Going through a single magazine without it stovepiping at least once is rare and cause for celebration.  It's a shame, as the gun is comfortable, handy, and fun to shoot (when it works.)  It only gets worse as the gun gets dirty, the last mag jammed on every-other round, the stovepiped case preventing the bolt from fully catching the fresh round, leading to a double feed when trying to clear it.  Great times.

On top of that was a constant 20-30mph wind.  I wasn't shooting far, or for any type of accuracy, just smacking some spinners around, but you couldn't leave anything lightweight on the bench.  About five minutes after laying down my empty rifle case went tumbling past me, and when I got up to grab it, the whole mat went over, dumping the rifle and box of ammo all over the ground.  Great times. I hate wind.  (Note to self: six little wire tent stakes need to make their way into the range bag...)

Hopefully I'll get back out in a couple days with a different gun and better weather.