Sunday, May 23, 2010


Army hasn't changed much, still lots of sitting around and waiting to do something.  I gather it's not quite like that for the higher ranking guys (like E6+) but still lots of that for us enlisted pukes.

But between standing around doing maintainence on humvees and taking the kayak out again, I seemed to have burned the back of my neck and arms/shoulders a little... stings a little now, but I usually tend to burn once pretty good early in the summer, and then not much after that.  Glad I'm getting it out of the way earlier than usual this year.

Of course, now that school's out for summer, hopefully I'll get some more range time, especially on the weekdays when regular people are working and I've got the range to myself.  I guess I'm saying look for a little bit of an increase in gun content in a few days or so.