Thursday, April 19, 2012


Heading down to catch the Brewers/Rockies Series this weekend.  May or may not (but likely may) post some stuff during the downtime.  Also hitting up a couple brewery tours, because beer is wonderful.

Want, Even Though I Have No Real Use For

Ruger 10/22 Takedown.  Really simple too.  Would be good to put some Tech-Sights on it and stash it in the car for impromptu range trips I guess.

Caffinated Weapons of Mass Destruction

Jay G calls out Caleb on his blatant disregard for rules, thus winning the internets.

Speaking of Caleb, he's got a quick little video of shooting the Shield up that's borderline porn-worthy.  Lots of cool muzzle flashes anyway.

What Does NBC Have Against Remington?

NBC has had a few "stories" out lately about the Remington trigger group, and Remington is understandably not pleased with the press.  I just watched this video they put out in response on The Firearm Blog, and it seems pretty interesting.