Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remington's new AR Platform

And more importantly, whole new caliber, 300 AAC Blackout.

Stickman teased us for a bit today on WEVO with talks of a new item sitting in front of him, but he couldn't talk about it quite yet.  Well, he was talking about the new 300 AAC Blackout Cartridge, and linked to the story he wrote up for Gear Scout.

Image from Gear Scout

Here's the kicker:
As interesting as a new caliber is to some of us, it gets better.  Start thinking about a M4 with a 9″ barrel that has  37% more energy than 5.56mm M855 from a 16″ barrel (the standard M4 is a 14.5″).
The new cartridge is 7.62x35mm.  From the Gear Scout article:
Current ammunition types are the 123 gr. MC 300BLK, 155 gr. OTM 300BLK, and 220 gr. SUBSONIC OTM 300BLK.
The plan was to build something with similar ballistics to the ol' 7.62x39, and that could use current magazines without a loss of capacity.  AAC already has a can in the works as well (looks like buying them up was a smart move by Cerberus more and more every day.)

Usually I'm pretty skeptical about new calibers, but they put a lot of thought into this one.  On top of using standard 30 round mags, it also uses standard AR bolts, so all that is truly needed is a barrel swap for the budget conscious armorer.

Anywho, lots of info and great pics over at Military Times Gear Scout.

Wisconsin Eye

WCI President Nik Clark and MPD Chief Noble Wray do some talking.

I can see why the Chief has his job, he seems like the touchy-feely kind of guy.  I guess if somebody calls you in for OCing in a shirt they think is ugly, you'll get nailed with a DC charge.

I'm also glad I'm not a member of M&I bank.  Not for the gun thing, but no hats? Really?

How did I miss this?!

Apparently it's National Coffee Day.  Well poop.  I did have quite a bit of it today though, at two separate coffee shops.

Dan's First AR

Not his first blaster, but we assembled his very first AR yesterday afternoon.  Eventually he hopes to drop a UBR stock on it, which should balance out that 20" barrel pretty nicely.  Overall it's a pretty decent looking gun though.

Obvious Counterfeit... Obvious.

Seems Dan got taken on the Gun Broker (counterfeit UBR and set of MBUS, same seller.)  He's filed a claim with them and let the boys at Magpul know.  Just beware though, there are fake UBRs out there.

Withee Appleseed Shoot

The Withee, WI Appleseed shoot has been rescheduled for October 30, 2010.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it.

We're safe...

...but for how long?

Internet's back up again.  If it's like a couple days ago, it'll be gone in about 20 hours.  Hooray?

AT&T + Water

Apparently don't mix. No internet at home again.
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