Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oops. (KtKC Day 25)

One of those days... spent the day fixing the porch door (and cursing whoever installed the last latch, the holes were about as straight as a rainbow flag), pushing around little plastic Space Vikings, looking at another house, and putting in an offer on one we looked at yesterday.  Now I'm getting ready to go work an overnight, and completely blanked on getting a kilt photo...

My bad.

So to pursued you to donate, here is a photo of me with the bit of "Packers Swag" I won at the preseason game last month.

Jay: I see your jersey and raise you a helmet?
(Just for today's photo... I don't think Manda
would let me send this thing anywhere...)

Yup, a genuine game-worn helmet from last season.  I guess the Pack doesn't mess around with the prizes for the "3rd Quarter Break Fan of the Game."

There's still time to donate to help kick cancer's stupid butt!  Today we hit $300 exactly, let's get that up to $400!  Donate here!!!