Friday, March 9, 2012

Astros Will Keep Guns


(h/t Uncle)

Post-Birthday Range Trip

To celebrate MandaFern catching up to me in the birthday count, we hit up the range.  Here's a few pics... more as the weekend goes by and I get around to editing.

Doc says the range is safe.

Doc also brought his M&P9c for the two of us to try out.
Consensus, need one with safeties for me, one without for her.

Manda also stepped it up in the recoil department.  She braved the 20ga,
and stepped it up with the 12ga 930 (sadly the camera battery died by then...)
I'm very proud of her stepping up and pushing past her trepidation with the
noise and thump of the shotties.

I decided to beat the crap out of my hands and put 40 rounds of fmj through
the J-frame.  It was enough for today.

Cowboy up!

New M&P?

Looks like it's coming (I think that's the date for the big NRA deal.)  Hubbub around the webs is that it's possibly a single-stack .45acp, but I have to agree with Uncle, a single-stack 9mm would be awesome.  Hopefully this means the XD-S lit a fire under somebody's butt.