Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I recently switched to a pair of New Balance Minimus Trail shoes for running.  (As a quick caveat, I despise running with every fiber in my being, and avoid it as much as I can.)  The whole barefoot thing is far from new to me, as I'm one of those weird guys that has been wearing Vibram Five Fingers since Vibram made Five Fingers.

I'd intended to start running in them for a while, but my KSO's straps gave out a while ago (and way to early in their life...) and I only have a pair of Classics and Flows (for kayaking.)  To my dismay, a couple weeks ago the Army said Five Fingers are no longer allowed, as they "look unprofessional."  So I went to my standard running shoe company and ordered some of their new barefoot shoes.

On one hand, they're crazy light, and my feelings towards shoes is about par with Robb's feeling on pants, so that's awesome.  Unfortunately the make your feet land differently than traditional running shoes, so my calves are full of "FU" after a couple miles around the lake...