Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slowly drying out and picking things up.

G&C HQ is still out of power, so things have been relocated to a secondary location (Fern's house.)

Ran around a little bit and got a few pictures though. Between the wind and the flash flooding, things are pretty tore up around town.

There's a couple cars in the new pond...

Common sight all over town.

A few of these too.

All in all, quite glad I didn't have to work last night...

This is not a test...

My hometown kind of fell over and drowned last night... Right now I'm simply one of about 12,000 customers without service according to WPS.

If you guys don't hear back in a day or two, assume Central Wisconsin now resembles something akin to a Mad Max movie, only wetter, and take appropriate actions.
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