Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

I've gotta work overnight, so it's not really hitting me as anything special aside from meaning I'll go through twice as many checks as normal the next couple months from writing the wrong date down...

Thankfully MandaFern rocks and decided to knock out a sweet sweet dinner for me before I head out for the night.

Since it's Wisconsin, cold and snow doesn't mean jack-

She managed to grab some giant freakin' shrimp at a seafood sale at the supermarket yesterday (along with scallops and steak)... and I mean GIANT shrimp-

That's over a pound of shrimp... all six of 'em.

So "Tactical Dinner Pics" Go! (If you're on ARFCOM, you'll understand...)

Pan-seared scallops, grilled Colossal shrimp and steak slathered in saute'd mushrooms and onions with some rosemary baby red potatoes on the side.

Dessert (Tiramisu)-

I am now thoroughly stuffed and not sure how I'm going to make it until 7am... but hey, it was worth it.

See you next year!