Monday, February 9, 2009

New GSG-5 fun

I added a fake Eotech to the little carbine the other day, along with a sling made out of parts from for less than $10 after shipping. Turned out pretty good.
Haven't gotten it out to the range with this setup yet, but it looked to sexy not to get some pictures up.

"Tactical" Rifles

While I was wondering around Barnes & Noble the other day, I noticed a few books in the sports section regarding "Tactical Rifles" and "Tactical Accessories" from Guns and Ammo publishing. It got me thinking about how more and more these days the stuff that was refered to as "Assault Weapons" a few years ago are more and more being called the more PC "Tactical."
At least I think it sounds more PC.
"Assault weapon" just sounds badder than "tactical weapon," or better yet, "tactical rifle." Problem is, the more I think about it, the more I realize you only ever really see those terms used with an AR type carbine, usually with rails and optics and all sorts of, you guessed it, "tactical accessories." I've probably only seen the term "tactical" used in reference to an AK system once or twice.
This just makes me wonder if it's really a good thing, something that should be pushed more, or if it'll just get turned around and used against us. "Why do you need a 'tactical' rifle? You're not on a SWAT team!"
Just something to think about I guess.
Some pictures of the new Valkyrie model have come out, which is freakin' sweet if you're an Imperial Guard player anyway. I'm excited for it, I've already got "Ride of the Valkyries" on my phone to play during deployment.