Monday, July 7, 2014

Army Pistols

Lots of talk about the Army (once again) not being happy with the ol' M9. Pretty legitimate reasons in my mind, but I don't think a caliber change is going to fix the issue.  A new pistol (with a rail... and a smaller grip... and not stupid backwards safeties or DA/SA... etc.) is needed, but also people need to realize that FMJ out of a pistol is going to always suck.

The overall challenge is finding something that all the new hip plastic pistols do (high capacity, lightweight, modular grip size would be nice...) that isn't a plastic frame (my vote would be a Sig P226 SAO in all honesty... even though they're not that light.)  I know how GIs treat M9s, and a plastic frame is not going to last long.  I doubt that'll happen though, probably just end up with some .40S&W Glock and go through it all again next time we go to war again.