Monday, May 16, 2011

Need Gear...

Specifically, a Multicam Molle pouch capable of holding a Jetboil system that doesn't cost almost as much as the stupid stove does.  Ideally by this weekend, but realistically by the second week of June.

Anybody have a lead on such a beast?

Picture of the...

Day, Week, Month.... I don't know anymore....

I really like the clouds rolling over the mountains.

Readers may recognize Guns & Coffee friend/sometimes contributer Cro (of Rubber Band AR fame.  My evil plan is to rope him into more stuff when he's back.) He's currently in Afghanistan, but things are going well.

Magpul Dummies in Colors

Magpul has put up a limited run of their polymer dummy 5.56 rounds in FDE and Orange in cigarette box style 12 packs.

I'll probably snag a pack or two of orange.  That could be a handy color.


The NRA-ILA has also posted a summation of the meetings last week.

There's some good points in there-
"The Assembly Criminal Justice Committee met in Madison and heard Assembly Bill 126, the companion to SB 90.  Some of the most compelling testimony of the day came from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.  He described how he was an opponent of concealed carry until he began to see the effects of aviolent crime wave on the citizens of his county.  He realized that citizens really are the first line of defense against violent predators because his officers could not be everywhere all of the time.   Sheriff Clarke asked the committee to allow citizens the most efficient and effective means of protecting themselves -- a concealed handgun.  Many law enforcement officials throughout the state could learn from the Sheriff's example." 

NRA Workshop AAR/WI CCW Bills Info

Last Thursday the NRA-ILA, in conjunction with Wisconsin Force, put on a "Grassroots Workshop" at Gander Mountain.  Due to CCW legislation being recently introduced into the state house and senate, and a public hearing regarding these bills taking place across town from the meeting earlier in the day, the "workshop" turned into more of a CCW Bill familiarization class.

First off though, the turnout was great.  There was at least 100 people cramming into a room meant for about 40.

Yay, crappy cell pic!

We were literally overflowing into the store.  The upside was that they mic'd the speakers, so the entire store could hear what was being said.

As far as the bills in circulation, there are three: AB126/SB90 (shall carry/licensed carry) and SB93 (Constitutional Carry.)  The NRA guys claim they support both.  While this seems a bit strange at first, what they mean is that they'd love to see both bills reconciled and combined.  Realistically, this would be a bit rough, but I tend to agree with their thought process.

It's pretty long, so more after the break-