Wednesday, September 18, 2013

KtKC Day 18

Angels beating up on Traitor Marines (the Valkyrie is pretending to be a Nephalim Jetfighter, saving me $75 on a model that I now know sucks in the current rules.)

Crap, how do these rules work again?
Won one, lost one today.

Tired of the Spotlight

Starbucks has never really been "Pro-Gun," they just have never been "Anti-Gun" either.  They've tried to remain neutral on the whole issue, simply stating they would follow local laws regarding open-carry of firearms.

Over the years their stores have been used as a meeting place and have unwantingly hosted rallies and open carry displays, along with anti-gun protesters loudly crying about their stance, or lack thereof.

They have once again made a noncommittal request for gun owners to not openly display firearms in their stores (but if you do, we'll still serve you... just try not to, ok?)

I can't say I blame them, they've spent a few years under somewhat intense scrutiny from the Antis, and an unwanted embrace from the Pros; all because they have tried their hardest to not pick sides.