Thursday, December 23, 2010

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I occasionally catch them in the Sitemeter, but if you link to me on yours, I'd love to return the favor and add your blog to the list over there in the left column.  Just let me know.

Quest for Caffiene

Caleb got a Decemberween present.  It's plain out awesome, and given my blog's name, I thought you guys may be interested.

"I Want" gun porn of the day

From AAC's facebook page-

"Keys? We don't need no stinkin' keys!!"

Multitasker Ultralight Review

Click through to open the box-

Sig .50bmg Pictures

The other day I mentioned Sig is coming out with a .50bmg rifle, among other things.  TFB has pictures.

Ruger LCP-CT

Ruger sent out an email yesterday announcing a factory option for the LCP with a factory installed Crimson Trace trigger guard, and included pocket holster.

A laser on such a diminutive gun sounds like a great idea to me, especially with the minuscule and non-adjustable iron sights machined onto the slide.

The pocket holster is also a fantastic thing to throw in, as the majority of these guns will be riding in a pocket at some point, and it's a good idea to keep lint and whatever else pocket crud out of the gun, and more importantly out of the trigger guard.

MSRP for the CT option is $548.00, or $190 over the non-CT version.